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Discipline: Biology (and other Life Sciences)

Type of Paper: Discussion Essay

Academic Level: High school

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In Chapter 6, we discuss about Environmental Ethics, the application of ethical standards to relationships between people and non-human entities. The term ethics can also refer to the set of moral principles or values held by a person or a society. We can simplify our continuum of attitudes toward the natural world by dividing it into three ethical perspectives; Anthropocentrism, Biocentrism, and Ecocentrism.

In this discussion board, I want you to explain what your perspective on the development of a shopping mall with a grocery store atop a wetland in your town or city would be.

The graded elements in this discussion board will be as follows:

1. First, discuss the ethical perspective of the position you will take in this regard. Is it an anthropocentric, a biocentric or an ecocentric perspective and why? (7.5 pts)

2. Then explain how you would evaluate the development of a shopping mall atop a wetland in your town or city. What criteria would sway you to say it is permissable or not? (7.5 pts)

3. Comment on someone else’s posting. Are there points they could've considered in their decision? (5 pts)

This discussion board is worth 20 points. You have to make a post in order to see the posts. Please keep in mind that there are no RIGHT or WRONG answers here. Please keep the discussion civil and constructive.