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In this week’s discussion you will participate in a debate. Read the scenario below and then respond to the question listed that corresponds with the first initial of your last name. Develop your point of view for this debate. For your response post, debate two students with different viewpoints
Jason Novell, doing business as Novell Associates, hired Barbara Meade as an independent contractor. The parties orally agreed on the terms of employment, including payment of a share of the company’s income to Meade, but they did not put anything in writing. Two years later, Meade quit. Novell then told Meade that she was entitled to $9,602— 25 percent of the difference between the accounts receivable and the accounts payable as of Meade’s last day of work. Meade disagreed and demanded more than $63,500—25 percent of the revenue from all invoices, less the cost of materials and outside processing, for each of the years that she had worked for Novell. Meade filed a lawsuit against Novell for breach of contract.
Debate whether the parties’ oral agreement falls within any exception to the Statute of Frauds, with specifics.