Which areas are your strengths and weakness?

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Part I. Download the attached file (PartI.doc) and complete it. After answering the questions, write a brief paragraph in the comments section (below) of the assignment submission folder explaining which areas of wellness are your strengths and weakness. **You do not need to turn in the completed checklist.

Part II. PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) Download the attached PAR-Q file (PartII.pdf) and complete it. Print PARQ for your own file.**You do not need to submit the completed form.

In the assignment comments sections (below), answer the following questions:
Are you ready to exercise?
Do you need to see your doctor first?

Part III. Download the attached file, Physical Fitness Assessment (PartIII.doc). Complete all of the activities, document on the downloaded file, save and submit as an attached file in the assignment tool.
Review Unit 1, lesson 1.2, reading for a formula to calculate your lower - upper limit. Choose your lower to upper limit such as 70 - 85%. This depends on your goals. Some may not be in good shape and should start out to use 55 - 70% others may use up to 85%.


220 – age = Max heart rate

Max heart rate * 55% = lower limit

Max heart rate *70% = upper limit


220 - 47 = 173

173 * 65% = 112

173 * 85% = 147

If I am 47 yrs old when I exercise I will check my heart rate to be sure I'm within the upper and lower limit of my Target Heart Rate. If I am below 112, then I am out of my zone and need to speed up. If I am over 147, I am over my zone and need to slow down a bit.

Calculator Heart Rate : https://www.active.com/fitness/calculators/heartrate