Module 3 Alternative Assignment

Discipline: Sociology

Type of Paper: Discussion Essay

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


This assignment is designed to the place of the Module 3 discussion. You do not need permission from your instructor to complete this assignment instead of watching Southwest of Salem. What I would like for you do to is the following:

Please read this short article on exonerations. (Links to an external site.)
Do some informal research 1 case that involves an exoneration. You can just Google "exoneration case," and you should be able to find a list or something.
Write a short 1-2 page MS Word doc where you address:
Give a short (1 paragraph) summary of the case, pre-exoneration
Give a short (1 paragraph) summary of the exoneration
Give a short (1 paragraph) explanation of how the case illustrates (or does not illustrate) the Times article I linked
Submit the document to the dropbox on Canvas

This has the same due date as the regular assignment. I know it's more work than just "watcha movie and respond." It's not meant to be a punishment for not watching the movie though. It's just now you are more or less responsible for finding content that you will respond to.

Please address the following questions:

This module's lecture was all about labeling. How do you think the San Antonio Four's labels affected their case?
According to this Time article (link here (Links to an external site.)) exonerations have been on the rise since 1989. Why do you think this is? What role do you think "science" played in both conviction and exoneration? Does this show the CJS is doing a good job at catching mistakes, or that it's makings mistakes, some of which get discovered?
This case happened in the mid 90's. Do you think it could happen today? Why or why not?