Intimate Partner Violence

Discipline: Criminal Justice

Type of Paper: Outline

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550



Make sure you create arguments (at least 2) in a form of a question like the one in the instructions.

* Make sure to write about Psychological and emotional abuse are very important aspects of intimate partner violence.
*You still need to be making an argument and asking a question though. So rather than just cover it, you need to frame it as a question (or questions). For instance, "is psychological abuse/violence more dangerous (or more detrimental) than physical violence, and why?" Or "what are the differences between the effects of psychological/emotional abuse and physical abuse?" Those are just examples, but you need to make an argument or question and then your two researched articles for the project answer that question(s)

2- Your project must include an argument/question you are asking about the topic, then evaluate/analyze and answer the question through research. Just "reporting" on a topic will not be sufficient. This outline must include that argument/question to be evaluated/analyzed and answered (you may propose more than one question).

3- Your discussion of the magazine's theme must be supported with researched evidence from scholarly books, journals, articles, and other sources.

4- In the first part of the assignment, please provide a brief 2-page outline of your magazine project. This outline should be detailed and specific in terms of what you will be researching.

5- The outline should be in sentence structure (not just one-word bullets). This does not mean written like a paper though--rather it means "sentence structure" with sentences/phrases (not just one-word bullets) but in outline form. More information can be found by referring to the link below (please see "sentence outlines" information):