Disorganization of a blues society

Discipline: Business Studies

Type of Paper: Report (any type)/Brief report

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 7 Words: 3850


I have started this but seem to be stuck so I am going to attach what I have written so far, my proposal as well and any notes that I have pertaining to the North Central Florida Blues Society. I am also attaching the example paper from the book that he is referring to. I will also attach my PowerPoint incase I am missing anything.

My project proposal is what I am suppose to talk about and such.

My business report I am just pointing out any issues that they may have and how to go about possibly fixing it. I also know that since they went to hybrid, shows can be viewed online. They are a non profit but one person can purchase a ticket at home and the whole family can watch. I believe that this is also an issue.

Build graphs or add photos. I'm sure you know what you're doing. Thank you.


Final Project Report (8 - 12 pages, including all components)
Part 3 of 4: Course Project

The 4-part Course Project contains the following assignments:
Part 1: Project Proposal and Communications Plan
Part 2: Partners Web Conference Presentation
Part 3: Final Project Report
Part 4: Final Project Presentation

Purpose of the Course Project: Solving a business problem for someone who is receptive to your recommendations is an excellent way to improve your professional effectiveness and get ahead. Learning how to identify problems and propose solutions will benefit you now and in the future.

Part 3 of 4: The Final Project Report should conform to your text’s Ch. 10 guidelines of how to write a formal report. Note that the format is quite different from an academic paper. (spacing, graphics, each section begins new page, etc) The Rosewood Restaurant Group in the Ch. 10 of the text is a good model to follow for format. Do not use it for content or language.

Directions for Part 3:
1. Consider how best to present your findings on this opportunity for the organization, the viable alternatives, the benefits and risks, and your strategic recommendations.

2. Follow this basic outline for the Formal Project Report. Refer to Ch. 10 for a more detailed guide and expectations for the Formal Report (see The Rosewood Restaurant Group example).
1. Title Page
2. Table of Contents
3. Executive Summary
4. Introduction
5. The Opportunity
a. The Current Situation
b. Key Success Factors
c. Analysis of Alternatives
d. Strategic Solution Option
6. Benefits and Risks of Strategic Solution Option
a. Benefits
b. Risks
7. Final Recommendation (include implementation plan)
8. References
9. Appendix
a. Transcripts of Interview (optional)
b. Other supporting materials (optional)

Please submit your paper as an attachment to the dropbox.