Coding Instructions

Carefully consider the following Reddit posts from a thread about shoplifting and code them carefully. In this exercise you are attempting to ascertain any motivations for offending, techniques for offending, and negative or positive reinforcement. Keep in mind that in a true content analysis this process would be done over hundreds of pages on content so a very thorough picture could be generated. To code these documents you will first quickly read through the post to get the general sequence of events. Next you will highlight in the appropriate color (see the key below) the parts of the posts that are any of the 4 key variables we are searching for: motivations for offending, techniques for offending, and negative or positive reinforcement.
For this portion of the activity, do not ask for assistance from me or any other students. This is to illustrate the isolation generally experienced by researchers. Interpret the meanings of the concepts of interest as best you can and code them.
Please code these by highlighting text in the appropriate color using the key below. Upload your coded document to Blackboard. Just a warning that because this comes directly from Reddit, there is some inappropriate language.

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Motivations for offending
Techniques for offending
Negative reinforcement
Positive reinforcement

After coding the posts answer the following questions. There are some notes throughout the questions to help you learn more about content analysis.
1. What are some of the commons themes you found for (a) motivations, (b) techniques, and (c) reinforcements?
2. Were there any other patterns that you noticed that I didn’t ask you to code for? What were some of those patterns or themes?
a. Note: this is known as “emergent coding”—researchers notice things they weren’t looking for as they code and adjust their research questions accordingly
3. Do you think these data representative of the general public? The average shoplifter? Why or why not?
4. What are some of the limitations or problems you see with these types of data?
5. Do you imagine someone else in this class could have coded these same data the same way you did? Why or why not?
a. Note: having multiple researchers coding the same data can be problematic if everyone notices different things, but this is a common way of dealing with qualitative data. This problem is known as “inter-rater reliability.” Each researcher needs to be consistent with what they code. It can be fixed by coding some of the same passages and then comparing to make sure everyone found the same things.
Post 19

2) Good electronic stores in the uk? (self.Shoplifting)

submitted 21 days ago by crayhobgoblin
all 11 comments
[–]kodikatie 3 points 21 days ago
Maplin is probably best bet. BUT, it depends on the store. I have been to quite a few, and some were a definite no go, and others were okay. Think it depends on the the day and time you go, for the amount of staff there are, as there’s usually one at the door and one or more depending on the day at the till, or around the shop floor. Of you manage to get a time when all of them are busy with other customers then win, grab what you want and conceal if you can and walk out and don’t come back. Also depends on the shape of the store if that makes sense. I’ve found that stores that are L shaped are easier as you can use the corner to conceal, compared to stores that are straight. I have lifted a couple of RAM sticks and chromecast ultra from different stores.
[–]crayhobgoblin[S] 1 point 21 days ago
My ones are glass windowed and small I think there’s one a but bigger but a bit of a tight squeeze may be tricky
[–]kodikatie 3 points 21 days ago
Yeah it really depends on the store, some you can just get away with walking out really quickly. Others, not a Chance to even try. Ideally you want to lift small things too, like ram and maybe earphones. Stuff you can pocket or slip up your sleeve easily.
[–]crayhobgoblin[S] 1 point 21 days ago
Ah ok I’ll have a lookie
[–]RenaQina 1 point 21 days ago
My 2 nearest maplins have staff on every corner of the small glass rooms. No chance to even try for me. I guess I’m unlucky? Hopefully it’s better for others elsewhere..
[–]kodikatie 2 points 21 days ago
Currently biding my time to try and get a dash cam from one of them. I’ll get it eventually I hope! The perfect store and opportunity is out there somewhere!
[–]thematrixs 2 points 20 days ago
honestly i’d say sainsbury lol. you might think they have little electronics but believe me they dont tag their stuff for shit. you could walkout with a brand new keyboard and t.v. if you wanted to.
[–]thamesmead 1 point 20 days ago
Sainsburys is heavy on security guards and plain clothes but there are opportunities
[–]Pokemontheifmaster 1 point 21 days ago
Do you have Best Buy there? One of the best in the USA
[–]kodikatie 2 points 21 days ago
No best buys here in the UK unfortunately.
[–]crayhobgoblin[S] 1 point 21 days ago

Post 32

16) I got caught. (self.Shoplifting)

submitted 21 days ago by ihatemyworkplace1Shoplifter
This isn’t my first time getting caught. But it is the first time I’ve been caught in over 5 years. I didn’t lift for quite a while, but when I got back into Magic, I started lifting cards again. Today, I got complacent at Toys R’ Us and that was it. I had to pay a “restitution payment” of $480 dollars and I was let go with no charges, probably because I fully cooperated and stayed calm.
I am now 24, and I started lifting trading cards as far back as I can remember, probably back till when I was in 9 years old. But today, I am in front of my lifting peers saying I am stepping away from lifting forever. I cannot risk my future getting caught again.
Maybe I should have ran a bit faster, maybe I should have done something else today. Who knows. All I know is that what happened happened and now I am stuck with it. It’s all over for me though. Happy lifting mates.
all 14 comments
[–]gamingwithshock 12 points 21 days ago
OP share the details on how it went down.. is Toys R Us hands on??
[–]bwqrdsafShoplifter 9 points 21 days ago
Not OP but they are hands off. If the suspect walks away and refuses to cooperate, the employee can only watch, note the description, and to see what car he drives, then make report for security company to pull video footage and gather evidence. If the person used credit card or loyalty card, they’d know who he is.
[–]ihatemyworkplace1Shoplifter[S] 3 points 20 days ago
I was stopped after I walked away from the store by the LP and the store manager. The commander deck I stole set off the alarms and they chased me pretty far away from the store. They are not hands on though, which is good.
[–]itslippedinmypocket 4 points 21 days ago
Getting caught can really put things into perspective. I totally understand.
[–]crayhobgoblin 6 points 21 days ago
Good choice dude
[–]TurboByteShoplifter 2 points 20 days ago
One and done. Best strategy for shoplifting.
[–]Theboi2099 -2 points 20 days ago
Best strategy for shoplifting:Don’t shoplift.
[–]TurboByteShoplifter 2 points 20 days ago
Best strategy for shoplifting: Shoplift.
[–]myboxofpaints 1 point 20 days ago
Did you at any point notice you were being watched?
[–]ihatemyworkplace1Shoplifter[S] 1 point 20 days ago
Just a tad, I was feeling pretty uneasy while I was in the store, but I went ahead with lifting any way. I saw a flash of a shadow behind me for a second after I left the store yet I didn’t start running.
[–]myboxofpaints 1 point 20 days ago
I always wonder when people get caught if they notice being watched.
[–]Khysarth 1 point 20 days ago
If they can’t touch you, couldn’t you just keep running and ignoring them? Till they gave up or stopped?
[–]ihatemyworkplace1Shoplifter[S] 1 point 19 days ago
I didn’t know that they couldn’t touch me, I wasn’t really thinking rationally at the time, I just wanted to cooperate so I can gtfo as fast as I can.

Post 82

4) The Itch (self.Shoplifting)

submitted 19 days ago by tvacnaar
I am an exlifter I got caught twice once at best buy and again at Walmart. I would lift constantly and I would lift with my nephew for stuff he wanted. I was in it for the thrill. I successfully hit other chain stores in my area. Media Play before they closed got several computer games from them; I have hit Lowe’s; Home Depot and ace hardware for tools.
I would say I easily stole over 10k of merchandise from walmart before I was caught. The item I was caught on a fucking $3 dollar Red Bull. LP watched me put it in my pocket. This was 3 years ago.
I am now feeling the urge to Lift again. I want to fight it but damn sometimes they make it too easy.
Should I start out small again or should I stay “legal”
all 3 comments
[–]inofuckyShoplifter 15 points 19 days ago
lift with my nephew
If you decide to start lifting again leave your nephew home.
[–]liftedthisname 5 points 19 days ago
Honestly I would not feel right telling you to lift after being caught 3 times. Number 4 could end up being the one that lands you in jail/prison and no free stuff is worth your freedom.
[–]CaptainPorkFriedRiceI Catch Bad Guys 5 points 19 days ago
I think you should reconsider lifting at all anymore. You have been caught before and the judge could possibly see that and It will result in stiffer penalties. It’s possibly an addiction for you. They have counseling for shoplifting addiction. Maybe you should talk to someone about it. There is undoubtedly local resources you could utilize.

Post 27

15) Black Friday Stratagies? (self.Shoplifting)

submitted 21 days ago by Helpingdotydk
What do yall do to lift on black friday, just walkouts? is there anything specific to look out for that a new lifter wouldn’t notice?
all 13 comments
[–]psycochargerShoplifter 13 points 21 days ago
I have no experience lifting on black fridays, but I assume that LP will be EVERYWHERE in stores. Police will probably be nearby. Be cautious if you’re going to lift.
[–]the1999personMudfarmer 2 points 20 days ago
Thanksgiving and black Friday will have every available employee working and have all LP staff on duty. Walmart and Target almost always has police officers there. Last year I was shopping Target around 10pm thanksgiving night and they had a cop by the exit.
[–]n8toxic21 1 point 20 days ago
Shit I stuffed a kindle fire, two 3ds games and a few other things down my pants and walked out, i feel like with that much more people, there’s a less chance of someone actually watching YOU on camera
[–]psycochargerShoplifter 1 point 19 days ago
That’s true, but if LP see you stuff a kindle in your pants, you will be in the hands of the police very quickly
[–]fernandito_chiquito 5 points 21 days ago
Last year I saw a dude literally grab a bunch of stuff that were spiders wrapped, unlock em, and then walk out.
[–]Shsxc1 8 points 21 days ago
Just walk out know what you want and where it is. the quicker the better and the more people the better. blend in wear cloths that blend in like a plain blue shirt and jeans. don’t wear a bright green shirt that tells the lp hi i am hear.
[–][deleted] 6 points 20 days ago
I have never done this or will ever, but 2 years ago I went black friday shopping for christmas gifts and my cousins fiance tagged along. To make long story short, He filled up his cart with exactly the same items I had in my cart and then when i went to pay he just said he would be right back. After i had payed and walked outside I saw him and he asked if he could borrow my receipt. Next thing I know he was loading up my truck with the exact same items i had purchased. Only difference he payed for none of the stuff!. Lucky my cousin isnt with this dude anymore.
[–]n8toxic21 6 points 20 days ago
That honestly really fucking smart holy shit. I wish my friend would let me do this but probably not. Wonder if one person can do this..hmmm
[–]shrink-man 3 points 20 days ago
I find it funny people consider these events as more risky than normal days. There can be many dozens of times more people in the store, but the amount of LP does not increase in such volume by a large margin, they could double or triple their manpower and the surveillance equipment used mostly for the job stays exactly the same. The more people there are the harder it is to pick anyone specifically from the flow.
[–]EyefromAboveLP 1 point 20 days ago
AP would be STACKED and we’ll call in for more bodies.
[–]AverageDeadMemeShoplifter 1 point 20 days ago
LP* will*
[–]adsq93 1 point 20 days ago
This is both good and bad.
Good because there will be tons of people. Bad because there also will be more LP and security around because of the madness caused by said people.

Post 214
11) Hey guys! A friendly dialog. (self.Shoplifting)
submitted 16 days ago by NicelyHung
Hi guys!
Hoping to be as polite as possible here as I think this is a rare opportunity. This place is exciting for the demographic you represent!
I teach an ethics class to homschooled kids in LA County as part of a larger outside guest curriculum. Of course we cover theft, stealing, etc. The litmus test we use is like it is for everything, a secular form of The Golden Rule.
I’m curious how you guys justify the shoplifting in your own minds. Self image and self conscious obviously facinates me. Was this a thing you got into when,you were younger? Did an older person, either mentor or adult, teach you shoplifting was ok?
Trying to be very polite and not judge. Would love to start a dialog if possible, I have so many questions and am genuinely curious!
all 17 comments
[–]hiddenimmunityidols 31 points 16 days ago
Based on your perverted little posting history, there’d be no way you could judge anyone here. Ya need some Jesus in ya life boi.
[–]Alexandre_Qc 8 points 15 days ago
Oh dear god, this guy enjoy oral sex, we should put that deviant in a cage /s
[–]MissLifty 15 points 16 days ago*

Edit: won’t pm you. …
I started lifting at the age of thirty two. I am a sahm with 2 littles. I started lifting groceries, diapers and baby formula bc my husband has brought home $10k less this year than in 2015 and we got to a place where we could eat or have a home, but not both. Bc our taxes say we are not the poorest people we will never qualify for help. We have over 100k of student debt, child support and vehicle.
Then I lifted books for my kids, hair and skin products I’ve been denying myself for a decade and some gifts for friends and family. I lift when I need to now, not for fun, and I don’t enjoy it most of the time. I enjoy it more than being hungry though.
I’m not looking for financial advice. I’ve never been caught. I don’t lie about where I get things or what they cost me.
I DO NOT justify my behavior to myself or others. I do what I want. That’s the end-all-be-all of my lifting ideology. If I ever don’t want to lift, I don’t, and I don’t explain that to anyone either.
Edit again: shitty attitude
[–]i-have-8-nickels 7 points 16 days ago
Haha you are so close to me it’s crazy. I just started “seriously” lifting and I’m 30. I’m a SAHM of two little and my husband travels a LOT. I’m constantly broke and bored. I tend to lift little things that don’t have tags and I can say “oh no I forgot that was under my purse”. I am extremely careful because I know what would happen if I got caught. I am not cocky or sloppy but I just act distracted and set my (giant) purse on top of items and then buy my normal shopping stuff, knowing that I just stole enough to pay for what I bought. I sell it on eBay and it helps supplement our shitty income. Never been caught. I think if anyone catches wind of me concealing I would legimately be able to say it was a mistake and just never go back to the store again. I would hands down never do it if I thought it would result in my being caught. Bonus points I’m a fat white woman and ugly too. I dress plainly and do my makeup so I’m not shitty looking but I’m never going to be attractive enough to draw unwanted attention that way either.
[–][deleted] 0 points 16 days ago
You’re like me, both of you. I was happily working but my spine went fuck up and because our government only likes to help immigrants, people who have never worked a day in their life and don’t plan starting now, people who know how to abuse the benefit system, it means I get no help at all. My husband pays the mortgage, bills etc and it means our kids go without new clothes etc. I used to lift groceries when we were penniless but things are slowly getting better and I rarely take anything now. I’m too much of a pussy to try take anything electrical or clothes. My spine is still knackered and I’ll always have issues with it, but I’m going to volunteer at the hospital two hours away and if that works out I’ll definitely be looking for work again. I lost my best friend, father and other friends to suicide, heart attacks and cancer over the last 10 years. It’s been really shitty and lifting food was something I did because I needed to. However, I was so despondent that I told myself I’d commit suicide if I got caught. I meant it too. I live in a small rural village where everything is gossiped about. I knew if I’d been caught my children would suffer from bullies and I couldn’t bear the thought of them being ashamed of me. Suicide was something I couldn’t do without a push even though I knew I wanted to die. Shoplifting was my way to deal with it. You might think I’m talking shite, but it’s true and I’m glad I’ve gotten through that time in my life when all I felt was sheer despair. Now I use shitty humour and sarcasm, (Scottish specialty), to cope and I’ve broken through the worst of it. I like this sub though. It’s like a secret club that I wish I’d known about years ago when I thought nobody else was going through the stuff I was.
[–]i-have-8-nickels 10 points 15 days ago
You’re not like me, because I’m not racist or blaming immigrants for my personal problems
[–][deleted] -1 points 14 days ago
Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like a bigot.
[–]RoseCatK 7 points 15 days ago
Immigrants don’t get shit for free you dumbfuck.
[–][deleted] -1 points 14 days ago
Lol. Maybe not where you live. Have yourself a fabulous day though x
[–]Bill_The_Builder__ 7 points 16 days ago*
I don’t actually justify anything I just want stuff and take it if I think I can . I just got into it because I thought it was fun.
[–]MixtliLlora 5 points 16 days ago
[On mobile, apologies for eventual formatting issues]
I was never taught directly that shoplifting was acceptable, but I guess it was unintentionally implied to me multiple times over my childhood. My dad’s a complete anarchist, and I grew up in a very poor area (Nicaragua, my best friends were kids from the slums). I don’t see lifting as inherently good or bad – it depends on what you need, what you steal, who you steal it from, etc. For example, lifting from a barely-functioning mom-and-pop store is really shitty, while stealing from a multinational corporation doesn’t matter much; they have so much profit it doesn’t hurt them. Also, stealing necessities is much different from stealing your 5th pair of headphones in a week – taking more than you could really need isn’t right in my eyes, in no small part because it could make the store ramp up security, and then you’ve screwed over someone who only steals necessities. Along with that, if you’re stealing for the kick of it, I would honestly consider you a tool. There’s too many people it could damage for it to be something you do when you’re bored.
As a teen/pre-teen I stole because I saw it as some stick-it-to-the-man anti-capitalist rebellion, and it gave me a kick – but I honestly regret that now. Now, I lift the bare minimum, important things I might not be able to afford that month. I don’t really need much justification, but I guess I tell myself that it’s okay because I have more ethics around my stealing than the company has around acquiring the things I’m stealing, and that they can afford to take the hit.
TL:DR – morality isn’t about laws, and since these companies screw everyone over I might as well screw them back a tiny bit.
[–]roids55 5 points 16 days ago
I think im repeating what others say but i dont really need to justify it. I do it because i want to. But personally i justify the store i take from. Something like a walmart or H&M who are shitty companies who undercut small businesses and H&M who uses horrible working conditions in other countries to make their products. I would steal from them instead of my local mom & pop shop. I mean if you just keep an open mind about it for a second, these companies steal from us by using their money to lobby the government to let them keep tax loopholes to avoid paying their fair share of taxes while lobbying to keep wages low when they can afford to pay it and they lobby to avoid giving employees proper benefits. Now im not so blind that i think this is a real justification, but in the real world these companies are arguably just as unethical as the person who steals from them. I think that would be a good conversation for an ethics class in my opinion. Is it unethical to steal from an equally unethical company. I don’t personally use this as justification for my actions but its a common justification people do use.
[–]AnnoyedAdminofJTK 1 point 16 days ago
Not all shoplifters feel the need to justify their actions.
[–]hobdobgumball 1 point 14 days ago
I’ve only ever lifted from high-end grocery stores — the ones that charge 50-100% more for the exact same products sold at regular grocery stores. It’s not ethical for them to overcharge by that much. It’s also not ethical for me to steal. Do two wrongs make a right? No, but I don’t exactly feel bad thieving from a thief.
[–]inofuckyShoplifter -1 points 16 days ago
I like to steal. I like the feeling of getting what I want and not having to pay for it. Sometimes when I get a good lift going I get an erection and have to either go to my car and jerk off or I’ll go into the stores bathroom and jerk off into the sink.
I save all my money from my lifts and spend it on really nice things.
I save $2000 a month from my lifts. Now I can buy those brand new iPads. Now I can buy that thar new iPhoneX. I can go out to that fancy restaurant and afford that hooker.

Post 216

27) Lifting for a while but posting for the first time here. Just a lil something I picked up this weekend (

submitted 16 days ago by badgalAJ
all 4 comments
[–]brunettebandit 2 points 16 days ago
Love it! I’ve been needing a new straightener. How did you pull this off
[–]badgalAJ[S] 13 points 16 days ago*
I probably won’t be trying this again for a while lmao but I took this to the cash register, asked, “Can you put this on hold for me?” with about an hour left til store closing and the employee said they don’t put anything on hold overnight. I was like, “aw shucks! OK, let me go put this back.” And the way the store is set up, you’re not really able to see the entrance/exit from the cash register so instead of putting it back, I just walked out with it lol coming from the registers, it looked like I had purchased it.
[–]mmtbkate 2 points 15 days ago
What store?
[–]badgalAJ[S] 4 points 15 days ago
[Research Note: hairstraightner]

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